Beverages Menu

Option Per Item
All-day Beverage Service (per person) Seattle's Best Coffee, Regular and Decaffeinated, water service and sodas 10
AM Water Service (per person) 1.50
PM Water Service (per person) 1.50
Bottled Water 2
Soda 2.25
Bottled Juice (16 oz.) - Orange, Apple, Cranberry 3.25
Milk (16 oz.) - Whole, 2%, Chocolate 2.50
Hot Tea (per person) 3
Instant Hot Chocolate - packet with hot water 3

Beverages Served by the Gallon

Option Per Gallon
Seattle’s Best Coffee, Regular or Decaffeinated - 1 gallon serves approximately 10 people 36
Iced Tea with Lemon 30
Hand Squeezed Lemonade 36
Fresh Fruit Punch 40
Juice - Orange, Apple, Cranberry 30
Juice Trio - Half Gallon of each Orange, Apple and Cranberry Juice 45

Alcoholic Beverages

  • Two hour hosted bar service available.
  • TABC Certified Bartender: $150 fee per bartender.
  • Must meet $300 minimum sales.
  • Offsite Bar $100 setup fee.
Standard Beer (may include Coors Lite, Miller Lite) 5
Premium and Local Beer (may include Dos Equis, Corona, Bohemia, Heineken, Shiner) 6
House Wine, Albertoni Chardonnay and Cabernet (per glass) 7
Standard Liquor with Mixer (per drink) 7.50