Break & Snack Menu

OptionPrice per Person
Themed Breaks (Minimum order of 20)
Candy Store*
Assorted full sized and mini candy bars, treats, flavored sodas and water station
Health Snack*
Vegetable tray with hummus, pita chips, dried fruit, nuts and water station
7th Inning Stretch*
Soft pretzels, popcorn, cracker jacks, mixed nuts and dried fruit, lemonade
Tex Mex Trio
Queso, Guacamole and Salsa with homemade tortilla chips and water station
Afternoon Additions
Fresh Cut Fruit Tray* (20 person minimum)9/person
Fruit & Cheese Tray* (20 person minimum)14/person
Fresh Vegetable Tray* (20 person minimum), served with Ranch Dip9/person
Whole Fruit*2.50 each
Mixed Nuts*34/pound
Dried Fruits and Nuts*36/pound
Chex Mix*20/pound
Goldfish Crackers*20/pound
Assorted Flavored Popcorn* (20 person minimum)5/person
Granola Bars*2.50 each
Assorted Individual Bags of Chips*3 each
Assorted Full Sized Candy Bars*3 each
Soft Pretzels with Mustard22/dozen
Chips & Salsa*50/quart
Chips & Queso85/quart
Chips & Guacamole*85/quart
Hummus with Pita Chips*75/quart
Beer Cheese Dip with soft pretzels85/quart

Beverage Options

Desserts Per Dozen
Mini Cheesecakes, assorted 24
Mini Key Lime Tarts 39
Mini Berry Fruit Tarts 40
Petit Fours, assorted 40
Chocolate Brownies 28
Gluten Free Brownies 44
Cookies 25
Dessert Mix Tray
Assortment of Brownies, Cookies, Dessert and Lemon Bars