Cvent Event Management Software

What is Cvent?

Modern. Simple. Cvent.

Cvent is a cloud-based registration and payment processing software solution that empowers you to better navigate and manage your entire event life cycle, from managing meeting requests to delivering data-driven event insights.

With custom websites, email marketing, check-in app, virtual and hybrid event solutions, credit tracking, and data analytics Cvent’s Event Management Platform provides you all the tools you need to build exceptional events, increase attendance, deliver engaging and personalized experiences, reach your event and organization goals, and get the insights to understand event impact and ROI.

How can Commons Event Services assist your CSU?

Our team is prepared to meet your event management needs by providing expertise on and access to Cvent. This powerful registration tool can meet the needs of in-person, hybrid, and virtual events of all shapes and sizes, from a free educational series to a small training to a thousand-person conference.

Check out the quick video below to learn more about Cvent at UT Austin.

Cvent at The University of Texas at Austin


How To Get Started

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What is online registration?

Online registration is the practice of allowing invitees to register for meetings and events online. Online registration also allows registrants to securely pay for their event registration online.

Cvent's dynamic multi-path registration allows for a targeted, personalized experience for every registrant based upon contact type. Create custom questions throughout the process and allow registrants to select event sessions, tracks, hotel rooms, and flights. Set up secure and automated payments, refunds, and cancellations.

How can Cvent help me increase my ROE-Return on Event?

Cvent's software is designed to improve your event planning operation by increasing attendance, streamlining labor-intensive processes, and decreasing costs with a suite of powerful event management and email marketing tools. Cvent's advanced email marketing tool allows users to customize every aspect of the communication process with personalized and targeted email campaigns.

Automate time-consuming tasks by scheduling email campaigns and eliminating tedious spreadsheets with Cvent's robust reporting system. Deliver statistics in real-time to quantify return on investment and prove success to stakeholders. Decrease costs by substituting printing and postage fees with electronic messaging. Create a better registration and event experience for attendees and streamline event planner tasks.

Can I make my event website and my registration pages mirror my department's branding?

Yes. Cvent's Event Management software allows you to create customizable and flexible pages that are consistent with the look and feel of your departments’ brand. Include a company logo, header, footer and exact colors. Promote your department through an easy to navigate event website and registration process. You can truly customize and control the look and feel of your events.

Does Cvent handle multiple registrations under a single payment?

Yes. Cvent accepts bulk registration under a single payment. Cvent also allows users to define multiple registration prices (e.g. member, non-member, client, VIP, sponsor, exhibitor) to streamline the selection and payment of registration items. It offers a variety of payment options such as early bird discounts, pricing coupons, and volume discounts as well as the ability to set up a refund policy.

Can I use Cvent for a virtual event?

Yes. Cvent is a powerful tool for a virtual event as it enables effective ways to expand your events’ reach and deliver business goals. Cvent’s technology acts as the core of your virtual event connecting all of the pieces in one spot.

What types of events is Cvent best for?

Cvent can support meetings and events of all shapes, sizes, and complexities. So, whether you’re planning a 25-person training or a multi-day conference for thousands of attendees, Cvent has you covered and can scale and grow with you as your events change over time.Its central focus is ease of use as it is created to be user-friendly and intuitive for all users. Cvent’s technology empowers you to create and build any event you can imagine. This also means that when you’re pressed for time and need to make updates or changes, you can do so quickly.


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