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Reservations — Booking a Program

Helpful Hint: You may want to print this page so you can follow along once you are in the online reservation system.

How to Book a Program

  1. Go to; if prompted, enter your UT EID and password to proceed to our secure online reservation system
  2. Select "Create a New Program"
  3. Choose the appropriate "Program Tax Status" If you are not a state or federal agency, you must provide proof of tax-exempt status
  4. Choose the appropriate "Customer Origin"
    • UT CAMPUS — if you and your attendees are all from a UT department on main campus or another UT campus
    • OFF CAMPUS — all other customers: Federal or State agencies, non-profits, other corporations or organizations
  5. Fill in the "Program Title" with the name of your event
    • please be sure to spell out all acronyms
    • use the 'Notes' section if you need more space
    • your program title will also be used as the room sign on the day of your meeting
  6. Select "Create New Program" button to save your initial program details
  7. Go to the "Dates" tab and view/select dates, times and rooms by placing an "x" in the desired time block (remember to select the "Save" button at the bottom right corner of each page)
  8. Go to the "Setups and Services" tab to specify room setups and A/V needs (remember to select the "Save" button at the bottom)

You now have a "Tentative" reservation that will be held for 14 calendar days. While in this status, you may make changes to your room and equipment or even cancel your program without assessing fees.

Important: You will receive email reminders and must confirm your reservation before the end of the 14th day or it will automatically expire.

Please make note of the following charges that will be assessed for any room changes, date changes, or cancellations after a program has reached the Reserved status. "Days" below are calendar days prior to the program's start date:

To Confirm Your Reservation

Your Pending event will now be brought to our staff’s attention for review. Once approved and moved to a Reserved status, we will send you an email message and request any additional approval and/or billing documents if needed.

Should you wish to contact a conference coordinator or come by for a site visit, please call us at 512-471-5898 or send email to We look forward to having you with us!